The Residual Motion Photography Studio is one of the top photography studios in the nation. We specialize in all types of photography including color splash, black and white, motion blur and high speed. You can find some of our work displayed in the gallery.

We are also available to come shoot your event. We have special packages available for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, graduations, and many more of your special events. You are welcome to purchase a package through our website.


Bar Mitzvah


Please make sure that you discussed your event date with us before purchasing a package. We do have our schedule listed on our calendar. We do update the calendar regularly.

Are you a model or an actor or actress? Does your agent want new headshots? Do you need to update your portfolio? We can work with you to get the special shots you need to land those jobs. Our professional staff of people will work with you to make sure you are featured in the best light. We also have people on staff who can make your pictures sparkle in all the right places.

Color Splash


Famous Places

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